Great Plains Public Policy Institute
About The Institute
Our Mission
The Mission of the Great Plains Public Policy Institute is to formulate and promote free enterprise solutions to public policy problems based on the principles of individual responsibility, limited government, privatization and traditional American values.
What We Focus On
The Institute's areas of interest include:
  • South Dakota's economic future, particularly the vitality and diversity of its competitive free-enterprise sector.
  • State and local regulatory and fiscal practices, taxation and spending.
  • The improvement of education for all South Dakota children.
  • The preservation of free, accountable, democratic government where public decisions are made at the level as close as possible to the people themselves.
How We Advance Our Ideas
The Great Plains Public Policy Institute advocates for its principles and stimulates public debate by:
  • Publishing an informative web site for members, the media and key opinion leaders.
  • Publishing commentaries on current issues for South Dakota's media.
  • Issuing timely, useful and dependable reports on current state issues and key legislative proposals.
  • Sponsoring conferences and debates on current issues.
Great Plains Public Policy Institute is organized around the following centers:
  • Center of Enterprise & Opportunity (CEO):
    To make recommendations for eliminating governmental, regulatory and political barriers to entrepreneurial initiative and free trade.

  • Center for Environmental & Regulatory Reform (CERR):
    To promote the approach to environmental issues that emphasizes markets, property rights and individual incentives as a strategy for safeguarding the environment.

  • Center for Education Reform (CEF):
    To explore and promote education reform strategies.

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